Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Repo and the Cookie Jar

He is one of a kind, for sure, and one of the finest natural scumbags of his time. He takes part in the promotional video for Andersen, the now discredited accounting firm, while Bobo calls for even tougher penalties to fight corporate corruption. No!?! It has to be humiliating, but only because he got caught.

Bobo has already faced questions about his work as a director of Texas-based Harken Energy Corp a decade ago, when the firm faced an inquiry for masking huge losses.

Repo is aristocracy in any room he walks into. And his beady little eyes roll back into his swollen head with Emperor-like glee, any time explosives are mentioned. Repo hasn't met a barnburner that he didn't want to ignite, regardless of where the bodies are buried or who in the world might be standing in the way. The utter grace he brings to the cause of corruption is a gift that only a vicious imbecile could ignore. Images of fatty sweaty fingers speed-dialing his attorney dance in the head.

Repo accused of corporate fraud - This is going to be a wild ride for the next couple of months, Kemosabe. Keep the faith.


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