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This Is Your (Political) Life Dubya


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DUBYA: I appreciate the Secretary of Energy joining me today. He's a good man, he knows a lot about the subject, you'll be pleased to hear. I was teasing him -- he taught at MIT, and -- do you have a PhD?
DUBYA: Yes, a PhD. Now I want you to pay careful attention to this -- he's the PhD, and I'm the C student, but notice who is the advisor and who is the President.
- Well, many of us have been saying things along this line for a long time now ... Lusby, Maryland, June 22, 2005

"Even though I'm a tranquil guy now at this stage of my life, I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors."
- George Herbert Walker Bush, 1999

"I want to thank the President and the CEO of Constellation Energy, Mayo Shattuck. That's a pretty cool first name, isn't it, Mayo. Pass the Mayo. His wife, Molly, appreciated that."
- In case you were wondering if Dubya had some towel-snapping frat boy swimming in his moments of petty rapture, let's consider the evidence. Lusby, Maryland, June 22, 2005

Holy Mother of Stammering God, I just took a break from this political psychobabble long enough to cleanse my soul of the constant and terminal angst that ushers the partisan soiree with all the misplaced resplendence of a Gay Pride Festival in Galveston, and then I turned to the cable television talking heads shows ... and there was the face and that voice of Tweety Matthews beating the drums with Howard Dean on Hardball, jolting a Washington glitterati with an alarmingly straight admission of failure on one count of deceiving the American electorate - an elaborate attempt to purposely confound September 11 with Saddam Hussein and the preznut's own guilt and profound involvement with most every aspect of the fraudulence - including stockpiles of WMD, oil that would subsidize the shameful nation-building exercise and hordes of repressed Iraqis waiting for our troops with bouquets of flowers because they so wanted to hand over power to another religious faction, for which Dubya should stand up and take whatever harsh punishment the special prosecutor feels he rightly deserves and then purge himself from our memories once and for all by "explaining everything he knows" and why, on his watch, we are less safe with a terrorist gladiator school in Iraq and the emergence of two nuclear powers in Iran and North Korea.

Two more months of the shake and bake operation in Iraq and this lovely experiment in Middle East Democracy in Action will make Sarajevo seem more July 4th block party than a violent bloodletting of ethnic and biblical proportions. First Dubya gets up in the morning to see that a majority of Americans are ready to toss in the towel, then he jumps up on national TV to say he "thinks about Iraq every day because he understands we have troops in harm's way," as if this master of the obvious could put two and two together in the first place. Which means, clearly, that he better now watch his backside before Rumsfeld or Rove reach for the Gideon Bible like Chuck Colson once did and start taking their press conferences while standing in line at a Jerry Fallwell absolution soup kitchen in Lynchburg, Virginia.

What will Dubya do in the light of these recent developments? Karl Rove, one of the most psychotic and treacherous thugs in the vast wasteland of American politics, has been Dubya's main and insulated lightning rod since the beginning of his fatally co-dependent inner sanctum of the "get in the boat and shut your mouth" deception machine - along with Condi, Andy Card, Cheney, Scooter Libby and Dubya himself - none of whom would think twice about stonewalling the Religious Right or even God himself with "take a message, we might get back to them - and Him - later on the fuzzy details." Not even Dubya, at this lowest point of his presidency, will feel comfortable with the knowledge that a loyal and abject monster like Rove has an office in the White House when rumors persist that he was Matt Cooper's source in the Valerie Plame espionage exposure, which in no other terms constitutes treason - in the non-Ann Coulter sense of the word, of course - not to mention completely unethical and immoral behavior, and a crystallized example of how this administration wields power from Dick Cheney's bunker.

This is every American's responsibility, too, because it speaks volumes to the core values that we have claimed to represent during our last abuse of election powers and influence peddling ... and everything that is needed at this point to illustrate how the neo-cons - and not all rethugs and conservatives - at their core and essential means-to-an-end value system operates is clearly in the spotlight now, brimming with a full gastank of deceit, betrayal and a stubborn willingness to compromise national security for partisan political gain. Their every response to this unfolding story at the edges only adds to their disturbed and illustrative narrative - and in the end, their scrambling and flailing around the facts of the matter will reveal as much about them as about us as a people so willing to aim the barrel of outrage at anything that doesn't seem to fit our stereotypes or support a rational thought process in action, much like the dark days of Watergate when a vast majority of Americans who re-elected Nixon soon discovered that their preznut was a criminal and an oily stain on the very Constitution he took an oath to uphold, capable of almost any indiscretion or conspiracy to hold the reigns of power beneath his clenched fist.

[Before] I could come to any conclusion it occurred to me that my speech or my silence, indeed any action of mine, would be a mere futility. What did it matter what anyone knew or ignored? What did it matter who was manager? One gets sometimes such a flash of insight. The essentials of this affair lay deep under the surface, beyond my reach, and beyond my power of meddling.
- Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

If I had better instincts or a sense of injustice running amok, I would put this stainless steel Apple G5 in the trunk of my 325i and race over to the closest politician's home - either Rohrbacher or Dreier or any politician, for that matter - and toss the airtight case through the large bay window overlooking a wondrous California countryside ... chase the bought-and-paid-for freak out onto his manicured lawn in an extreme act of merciless revenge then spray him liberally with several cans of pepper spray and force him to run naked along the main street wearing a propeller beanie and a brass cowbell while repeatedly jolting him with a Stun Master 775,000 volt stun gun, converting his blood sugar into lactic acid until his bowels and bladder no longer functioned properly and a blossom of bluish black lumps covered his body for the eventual press coverage and News at Six video package.

But maturity and an ability to plan ahead has either caused me to pause before acting on such thoughts or the vile idea of wearing an orange jumpsuit for CNN's coverage of the arraignment has probably delivered me to the point where I could not act out on these youthful impulses - at least for the moment, because that blundering moron in White House should be held accountable for every dollar spent and each soldier sent home without a limb or sealed in a flag-drapped coffin, and these thoughts could plunge a rational person into a deep and contaminated hole of regret and misplaced desires.

So with deep feelings of terminal angst rising to the surface yet again, we should probably examine and declare the two main and important outcomes from this revelaton on Karl Rove: 1> The clear and present necessity of using Rove as way to bring Dubya and Dick Cheney to trial like their old faux-nemesis Saddam Hussein, all wild-eyed and brutish and delusional, in order to have that unclouded vision stamped upon our minds forever and begin the process of understanding our own common reality in a way that the Germans did during the Nuremberg trials ... and then 2> The absolute and fundamental obligation of repairing the bizarre vacuum that needs a complete overhaul in our executive branch ... and how it is used and gets used by the intelligence and military apparatus, and how that unholy alliance is undermining our very freedoms and lack of national security in this new age.

It's nutcracking time in the Big House, Sparky. And let's see if we can get a front row seat for the festivities ... and the bottles of 1800 and Wild Turkey are on me.

Here, Lord knows, is a real barnburner of a scandal waiting to leap out into the next news cycle: betrayal, treachery, gallows humor and an undying suspense of not knowing who is undercutting whom while the creaky deck chairs get re-arranged on the preznut's political ship of fools ... All of which matters even less to the average citizen or registered voters who will soon find themselves all hooked on the daytime drama like "The Price is Right" or "One Life to Live." Before long, even Hollywood screenwriters and super-agents will jump into the act looking for an angle that cuts into the cashflow ... and if the Democrats take their party chairman's position that Dubya "essentially pinned down our troops in Iraq [with] Zarqawi" and other foreign terrorists, before long a myriad of congressional hearings should start chopping down the illusions and delusions sponsored by the Rethug message discipline operation which lands nightly on the doorstep of the partisan political process including our incompetent corporate media funnel as its dependent flashpoint.

The massive complexities of the gathering evidence, and Rove's inability to come clean on his Grand Jury testimony, must have the preznut's attorneys all up in arms and neck-deep in fiction by now - searching for every loophole and a plausible way for Karl Rove to fall on the sword in the event that public opinion cannot by corraled, especially with the vast amount of political capital that will be spent on the upcoming Supreme Court nominations - because the raw drama that is beginning to unfold will offer the stark and simplistic plot line of a "Perry Mason" script - with the Democrats controlling the lights, camera and action, and whose sole interest in watching this debacle develop is the midterm elections and a wide open field for 2008, while the rest of us get to bask in the glow of watching once powerful freaks brought weeping to their knees after taking the perp walk on CNN, FOX and MSNBC - which gets replayed as the "Big Story" on the half hour.

Drop a pig like Karl Rove in a three piece suit, Sparky. And it's still a pig


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