Thursday, August 26, 2004

Lipstick on a Pig

So where has General Powell gone? He's a main dude, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and our distinguished Secretary of State, for chrissakes. Our understanding is that the General has undergone a transformation in these last few months and will be taking to Las Vegas with the Village People after November 2nd.

As this embedded video (Real Player) illustrates, the Secretary of State auditioned for the construction worker position last month and did a damned good rendition of the VP's greatest hit, YMCA. Of course, VP is the Village People and not Vice President.

People love the Village People, especially Rethugs. Each of its members represents an important American masculine archetype -- a policeman, a sailor, an Indian, a construction worker, and a biker. And their songs always get those manly juices flowing. How can they miss with such testosterone-charged tunes such as In the Navy, YMCA, and Macho Man?

As a proud owner of an authentic pair of cowboy chaps, I can truly say that the addition of General Powell will only make this great group even greater.

Construction Worker Powell, the manly wing of the Rethug party salutes you. And so does Bobo.


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