Friday, August 13, 2004

Houston, We Have a Problem

Many are called, but few are chosen at this level. And if it was left up to me, I would have voted John O'Neill off the island years ago. He was a repugnant shithead when he debated Big John on the Dick Cavett show in 1971. And he still is. Typical right-wingnut with more fury than common sense.

And then he goes on Hardball with Chris Matthews unprepared; what a fatal error as O'Neill got ripped a new one as the opening reared itself throughout the interview. He must have thought that Matthews was Nov-hack - who never missed a piece of demogoguery he didn't like.

O'NEILL: First of all, I'm not a Republican from Texas. That's just not true.


O'NEILL: Absolutely. I haven't voted for a Republican since 1988. As a matter of fact, I just backed the Democratic mayor of Houston, Bill White.


MATTHEWS: Did you vote for Clinton?

O'NEILL: No, actually.

MATTHEWS: Did you vote for Gore?

O'NEILL: I voted for Perot twice.

MATTHEWS: OK. Did you vote for Gore?

O'NEILL: I voted for Gore. I voted for Gore. I don't know really why I should go into my voting record.

Since 1990, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, O'Neill has contributed $14,650 to federal candidates or national political organizations -- all Republicans:

  • 2004: $2,000 to Duane Sand (ND)
  • 1999: $1,000 to Peter Staub Wareing (TX)
  • 1998: $250 to Rudy Izzard (TX)
  • 1996: $1,000 to Brent Perry (TX)
  • 1994: $2,500 to Texas Republican Congressional Committee
  • 1993: $2,500 to Texas Republican Congressional Committee
  • 1992: $1,000 to Texas Republican Congressional Committee
  • 1992: $1,000 George H.W. Bush (click your heels if you're surprised)
  • 1992: $1,000 to Clark Kent Ervin (TX)
  • 1991: $1,000 to Clark Kent Ervin (TX)
  • 1990: $400 to Hugh Dunham Shine (TX)
  • 1990: $1,000 to A Tribute To Ronald Reagan

Now, this is where this little Rethug shrill gets simple-minded. It's a little hard to believe that a man who has given nearly $15,000 in contributions to Rethugs -- and not a cent to Democrats or independents -- "[hasn't] voted for a Rethug since 1988." Even the claim that he voted for Ross Perot twice is prime cut-and-run, considering that he donated $1,000 to George H.W. Bush's campaign in 1992. According to, O'Neill's contribution was made on April 27, 38 days after Perot threw his oversized hat into the race. So O'Neill was actively seeking to defeat a candidate he now says he voted for, so I guess you'd want to share a foxhole with Wingnut John?

This is also the guy who worked for Chuck "Crazy Legs" Colson, the man famous for saying he'd run over his own grandmother to get Nixon re-elected, clerked for Rhenquist, and now he goes on TV with his pie face and squinty little eyes claiming he's an Independent? Don't let the dog hair fool you, this is the same O'Neill who got flogged repeatedly by Big John in the 1970's, and you think O'Neill doesn't have a score to settle?

And then this right wing moron starts complaining about unfairness after he had an uninterrupted half hour with Buchanan in Idiotland (Scarborough Country) and another half-hour on Crossfire and countless opportunities with FOX - but actually the weasel is correct in this simple regard: the complete lack of research the mass media has shown toward O'Neill and Corsi borders on treason.

Do a Google sometime on Corsi and you'll discover all forms of debauchery and swine behavior at its lowest form.

Why doesn't someone point the investigation to that other famous Texaholic-slash-Chickenhawk, Deserter Bobo, for a change. It isn't old news; it just keeps getting swept under the couch. Yet it is an undeniable fact that there is no record of our Commander-in-Chief having reported for duty for a year or more during his time of service during 1972-73, as a commissioned officer in the Texas and Alabama National Guards. Any last requests, Bobo? Say some Tobe Keith, a burger and a shot of Wild Turkey?

I sense that these guys would have something to say about it: Veterans United For Kerry :: "Bring it on!"


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