Sunday, August 08, 2004

IOKIYAR:A Rethug Ballet

Dump Bush 2004 - Express yourself with your own customized button. Wear it with pride!
  • 2.25 inch diameter
  • Metal shell
  • Mylar/UV protecting cover
  • Pinned metal back

"Draft Dodging Coke Snorter": heck, I didn't make this up, but it's interesting. In the way that a jack-knifed tractor trailer is interesting - you can't take your eyes of the merchandise, Kemosabe. If the Swift Boat thing has legs, why not the Bobo allegations? I didn't link the one that said Laura Bobo looks like Squeaky Fromme with blue eye shadow. It was pretty low pool, Omar, and just a wee-bit over the top for my tastes. But just think: Because Rethug hypocrisy is so resplendent with Bobo, this would be a wonderful chant for the coronation in NYC.

IOKIYAR = It's OK if You're a Republican.

But it should be sung like "YMCA" by the Village People, albeit in a drunken stupor, and Bobo has a taste for Wild Turkey down there in Crawford. Truth. Support your Rethug friends, and buy a few from the site - they break the ice at parties.

Moment of Supreme Irony: Apparently Kemosabe in the Navajo language means 'soggy bush,' or 'soggy shrub.' Go figure!

Maybe Tonto was on to something.


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