Sunday, August 08, 2004

Never Trust a Neo-Con

The Americanization of global intelligence failures rallies at an amazing pace. Bobo's Administration is taking to blown agents, falsely raising levels of fear and making the pro-Hussein Baathist regime seem downright nostalgic - all of it with the glee of Ray Lewis to an opposing running back. If this was the stock market for the CIA, FBI and DOD, chants of "sell, sell, sell" would drown out the words "four more years" faster than an RPG.

But back on the mainstream media front, no one has been quick to pounce on the fabric of international stories illustrating just how desperate that war on terror ... er, re-election effort ... is becoming. The one thing that Bobo appeared to have as a strength is now deserting him - namely - the omnipotent "war on terror" which is so vague it begs clarity. We might as well be fighting a war on decency because, in the current regime, we'd probably have a better chance at putting our arms around the concept to begin with. So what if it was an undercover operation? Bobo's spineless inner circle needed to deflect some heat for a while, and if that meant politicizing the CIA and Homeland Security ... well, you finish the sentence.

But as your eyes trail further along, consider the following: Exactly what kind of degenerate morons do we have running our counter-intelligence efforts?

Project Jerk-off, otherwise known as "Fifty Ways to Blow Your Cover".

Bobo and Ridge-boy have also managed to turn the Homeland Security department into another "pork-barrel" distribution center in the vein of prohibition booze. The red states - Rove's and Hughes' perception of the Rethug base - get a larger per capita slice of the pie, which means large cities and ports get left holding the bag while Biloxi, Waco and Wyoming have a better chance of being defended from dirty bombs. But what the hell, V.P. Repo has a bunker in Casper. And Bobo knows that NYC votes blue anyways ... and there aren't any bullhorns and Fox photo-ops for prevention. Can someone explain how Rethugs are considered stronger on national security issues? I need help recalling.

10-kiloton nuclear bomb (a pipsqueak in weapons terms) is smuggled into Manhattan and explodes at Grand Central. Some 500,000 people are killed, and the U.S. suffers $1 trillion in direct economic damage.

Some perspective to consider.

So Comrade Condi admits that they blew another asset, this time in Pakistan, not exactly a hotbed of free thinking and pretty close to where Bin Laden appears to be laying low.

Stupidity is plural and even MSNBC has joined in on the rotting carcass by jumping on the story. Even Rethug George Allen (R-Virginia) actually agreed that if Khan's name was released, it was a mistake. It kinda goes a little like this:

On Sunday at around 12:30 pm EST, Wolf Blitzer's show revealed how Bobo's Administration prematurely outed Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, a double agent working for Pakistan against al-Qaeda. New York Senator Charles Schumer criticized the administration for revealing Khan's name. He noted the annoyance of British Home Minister Blunkett and Pakistani Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat with the Americans for blowing Khan's cover. He said Hayat complained that if Khan's name had not been reveaeled to the New York Times by Bobo's crew, he might well have provided information that would have led to the capture of Osama Bin Laden himself!

Blitzer then revealed that he had discussed the Khan case with Condi on the QT. He reported that she had admitted that the Ministry of Disinformation (Bobo's Administration) had in fact revealed Khan's name to the press. She said she did not know if Khan was a double agent working for the Pakistani government. The outing of Khan, probably the most important asset the US has ever had inside al-Qaeda, is a huge disaster and a setback to attempts to finish off the top leadership of al-Qaeda.

Again, I ask: Can someone explain how Rethugs are considered stronger on national security issues?

Before you answer the question, let's turn to our closest ally on the "magical" war on terror, the Brits, to catch a glimpse at how our efforts are admired in the world. It is, after all, a global war on terror, according to Bobo.

Why I refuse to feed the media's summer frenzy, an otherwise subtle piece, about as subtle as a rubber crutch, on the lovely efforts of our falsely-elected, genetically-challenged Administration. Even the corporate media is applauding the details of the terror threats as very helpful to Americans, but exactly helpful to whom now?

" . . . over the last four days there has been column inch after column inch devoted to the fact that in the United States there is often high-profile commentary followed, as in the most current case, by detailed scrutiny, with the potential risk of inviting ridicule . . . it is important to be able to distinguish if there is a meaningful contribution that helps to secure us from terrorism. And to understand if there isn't. And there are very good reasons why we shouldn't reveal certain information to the public. Firstly, we do not want to undermine in any way our sources of information, or share information which could place investigations in jeopardy. Second, we do not want to do or say anything which would prejudice any trial."

British Home Secretary David Blunkett

So much for the coalition of the willing -- it's starting to look more like the conspiracy of the shell-shocked. Being hit with the "dumb" stick is one thing, but Bobo is a cornered rat, gnashing his teeth at anything that moves. And now there are even more interesting reports on our good friend, Ahmed Chalabi. He apparently has a nephew named Salem, who has striking posture that reminds the naive of a simple-looking fellow named Uday.

Chalabi Nephew Under Investigation in Killing - The organizer of Iraq's war crimes tribunal allegedly made threats. The case raises conflict-of-interest issues for the country's justice system. Chalabi, whose uncle is former Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi, has been accused by two individuals of attempting to intimidate Haitham Fadhil, a Finance Ministry official who was investigating the Chalabi family's real estate holdings when he was killed in May.

But let us not forget about Ahmad Chalabi, who is starting to look more like Noriega each every day. In case you need some more background on our friend Mr. Chalabi, here are the cliff notes on this sordid character and upon whom Bobo's circle of Neo-Con doom justified the Iraqi "liberation" once the WMD wheels fell off the wagon.

  1. received $27 million of US taxpayers' money in recent years

  2. sat next to Laura Bush for a State of Union speech, lauded by Neo-Cons Perle and Wolfowitz as a key to long-term Iraqi stability

  3. connections to the most hardline elements in Iran, particularly the intelligence officers of the Revolutionary Guards, are longstanding and still flourish today, leading to his public disgrace in Iraq earlier this year.

  4. nearly bankrupted Jordanian bank system - tried in his absence (along with 47 associates), found guilty, and sentenced to 22 years jail on 31 charges of embezzlement, theft, misuse of depositor funds and currency speculation. However, because the trial had been in front of a military court underJordan's martial law, international law prevented his extradition.

  5. one well connected Iraqi said of Chalabi recently, "he will play the Shia extremist card for all it is worth. He's quite prepared to break Iraq apart if it serves his purpose. He's really dangerous now."

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq has issued an arrest warrant for Ahmad Chalabi, a former governing council member, on money laundering charges and another for Salem Chalabi, the head of Iraq's special tribunal, on murder charges, Iraq's chief investigating judge said Sunday.

One last time: Can someone explain how Rethugs are considered stronger on national security issues?

Good thing they carry extra thorazine on Air Force One.


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