Friday, August 27, 2004

We Don't Need No Stinkin Atrocities

John Kerry may have Springsteen, REM, and Moby raising cash and doing concerts for him, but Bobo scored a major coup by convincing the greatest rock acts of all time to headline a Bands for Bush tour. We are, of course, speaking about Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels and Tobe Keith.

It's because the nation is being deeply divided over Vietnam and we need some manly music to calm our nerves. Kerry has to be lying to the nation's christian coalition about his medals and he's a disgrace for mentioning atrocities in South Vietnam. We don't need no stinkin atrocities to shape the Rethug message - we've had no such things in Iraq.

Does anyone know if the Greneda Incident Veterans for Truth and the Kosovo Insurgency Brigade support Bobo. We are desperately searching the roles for a 527 that may have an ad in store for us.

Regretably suffering from a French moment, I must admit that the RNC coronation next week has some really catchy slogans for the viewers at home on FOX as an exclusive.

Free trade, free ammo, privatize the rest

All you can eat religion

Remember the terrorist alerts

At least he didn't press the button

Peace with Private Military Companies

Gas ain't six bucks.

George Bush. Deja Vu.

Isn't it better now that Clinton's penis ain't on CNN?

It's Jim Beam time in Crawford

Values for the 19th Century

There could have been WMDs

We don't need no stinkin atrocities


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