Saturday, September 25, 2004

Last Minute Debate Format Changes?

Duel with Dubya

Dear All Things Considered,

We hear today that Bobo and his tricky campaign may now pull out of Thursday's first debate in Miami. It makes sense given how the President hasn't finished a thing he's ever started in life, and Unka Karl can't take the test for him. You know the usual deal. There aren't any loyalty oaths in the media, unless you are talking about FOX, and not even Rush Limbaugh can't help him formulate the words.

The President wants out of these debates, and the Republicans are scrambling for a solution.

We hear that the Hasbro folks have an idea to solve this problem with such little time to plan. Yes, a game of Scrabble to determine the fate of our Democracy. But Karen Hughes doesn't want Kerry to play the game, fanning rumors that the challenger has a far better vocabulary than the President. Senior Bush advisors have posed the key question to Scrabble project managers: "What's the official word source for National SCRABBLE� Association Clubs and Tournaments in the United States and Canada?" Needless to say, the word list was rather consuming. So a series of approved words were presented by the Republican National Committee, and the following have been added to the 2005 Webster dictionary in preparation for these debates.

Abu Nidal
911 - yes, numbers have been added to Scrabble
muchas gracias
cuba libre
abu guh-rab

Wrecking the great game of Scrabble has my senses in a bunch. I hope the Hasbro people think twice before allowing this game to be altered for the sake of a Presidential Debate. The only other recourse the people have is to contact the FCC about obscenity, although the outcome would not be known until after the Election. We need to band together and save this game from out of touch politicians.

Your friend with a vocabulary,


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