Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Let's Play Outsourced Soldier

Things haven't changed all that much where the preznut spends most of his time away from the ranch. Texans are still running amok, turning the Capital into a cruel and crazy town on a filthy river with no zoning laws and a folklore of sex, greed and violence. It's got that Banana Republic feel about it - a thinly veiled cultivated center with a shanty town surrounding it, ruled by tawdry women, corrupt law enforcement and mega-wealthy, metrosexual cowboys who will turn DC into a moral dustbowl by the time somebody raises the curtain on the wanton debauchery, which means that everything - and we mean everything - is for sale, when push comes to shove, or when the J.R. Ewing's of the world come calling.

Take the case of Blackwater USA, one of Dubya's top private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you bet $21 million, your kid's college education and your home, you’d be applauding for the preznut, too.

[In] its “Blackwater Tactical Weekly” e-mail newsletter this week with an all-caps, all-bold exultation: “Bush Wins, Four More Years!! Hooyah!!”

Sent by Blackwater President Gary Jackson, the e-mail goes on to cite a “source unknown” who praises the United States’ ability to hold an election during the war on terror.

North Carolina-based Blackwater is a major player in the burgeoning private military contracting industry. It won a $21 million contract with the Pentagon in the earlier stages of the war in Iraq to provide security to Coalition Provisional Authority head Paul Bremer and other high-level officials. Peter Singer of the Brookings Institution, who has studied extensively Blackwater and similar companies, said that it has “multiple” other contracts for other work, and that it has grown 600 percent in the past 18 months.

Four Blackwater employees were murdered in Fallujah this spring and their bodies mutilated. Immediately after, the firm retained the Alexander Strategy Group to handle its government affairs work, as the Senate debated stricter rules for private contractors. The rules were never approved.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), who has been critical of such contracts, said, “Like Halliburton, who received billions in contracts and whose stock prices spiked after Bush’s re-election, Blackwater, four of whose employees were brutally murdered in Fallujah, looks forward to four more years of war-time contracts. These private military contracts raise critical questions about both cost effectiveness and mission effectiveness.”

Chris Bertelli, a partner with Alexander Strategy and a Blackwater spokesman, responded that Schakowsky is “so desperate to attack the Bush administration that she is smearing civilians who are putting their lives on the line in Iraq so that others may know the freedom we take for granted here at home.”

Ah, yes, oil is the perfect drug for War - as long as you are winning - and Dubya thinks he'll be the King of the Rathole forever. He has created a new master race of jacked up christians, and every one of them now worships him. The new Konservative Kiddies for Karl love to march and siing in unison and dance naked at night for the returning generals. Like the brownshrts before them, this neo-con breed can be such delusional fanatics. But what's it to you? Dubya is the preznut, and you're not. Take it or shove it.

The filthy river is still flowing. All we can do is protest and complain, while it's still legal, and the warmongers get another blank check.


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