Sunday, September 26, 2004

God Is a Terrorist

To my friends at The Westboro Baptist Church,

Thank you for dedication to heterosexual family values in a time when too many men are marrying men. I am proud to note that even Jerry Falwell and his associate, the Rev. Joe Wright of Central Christian Church, has spoken in Kansas, saying that "prayer [gives] hernias to the liberals." The other important issue in the election, Falwell said, is terrorism. In a news conference prior to his speech, Falwell said that President Bush has "done well" against terrorism, and he told his audience that a "head-on" approach to the problem is necessary. " As a Christian, I've never hurt anyone in my life, but if you break into my house and hurt my children, my grandchildren, I'm going to drill you," Falwell said. "Then I'm going to call the police and go back to sleep."

Protesting against Falwell was Rev. Fred Phelps and his family, who are known for their anti-homosexual activism. Waving signs with such slogans as "God Hates America" and "Thank God For Sept. 11," Phelps sought to portray Falwell as -- in the words of another sign -- a "Pro Gay Preacher."

Please keep up the good work, WBC, and continue the hard work of showing the rest of America that God is a terrorist.

In undying hypocrisy,
Team Gonzography

PS: Your icon on your homepage shows a cartoon of two men having anal sex with an upside-down american flag. How come you don't show Mr and Mrs. Rosie O'Donnell? The absence of lesbians is discriminatory. Please email back and I think I can help you with the logo art you need.


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