Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This Week in PLO

the savage-arafat nation
Welcome to the PLO. The Dictator's now cold, the First Lady, Sura, is like Imelda Marcos on methamphetimine, the jihadists are revolting ... and Michael Savage just got the role of his lifetime. The Near-East Division of the CIA, drawing an eerie parallel between the lesser-known Richard Dreyfuss movie, Moon Over Parador, have cast the ultra-conservative talk show host as the now deceased militant's body double until the Israelis can find a malleable replacement for lasting peace on the West Bank and Gaza.

Savage, encouraged by an Isreali 'stongman' (Ariel Sharon, in a stunningly funny cameo), decides to fly to Middle East for a few days to broadcast his show live from Beirut. Meanwhile, Arafat is being soundly condemned by the villian, Osama Bin Laden, for his public affairs with embezzled western funds, and a dangerous power struggle ensues forcing rival PLO factions to hedge loyalties between the self-indulgent wife and a healthy respect for Islamic traditions.

Things look bad for Bin Laden in the Palestinian state, until he remembers the American with his gay-bashing on MSNBC ... and Micheal Savage is about to be 'drafted' to play the role of his career...

Action packed with Savage references, from the ACLU (a "terrorist organization") to GLBT pride marchers ("brownshirts of the modern era") to claims that "the gay and lesbian mafia wants your children" and women should be denied the right to vote because "their hormones rage .. they are too emotional" - Osama has tapes of EVERY Savage episode and he quotes many of his most famous infidel comments to the talk show host's chagrin - and tasty cameos (Bill Bennett sings the PLO's National Anthem, and Saddam, himself, appears in drag, as Arafat's mother), The Savage-Arafat Nation is a comic gem, with an over-the-top climax, and a bittersweet ending that will certainly bring a smile to all but the most jaded Republican.

The CIA and Osama Bin Laden strike gold with this campy, off-broadway-like hit!


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