Wednesday, September 29, 2004

October's Cinematic Surprise

Only because he has to. With the combined October releases of Fahrenheit 911 and Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry, the Bush/Cheney 04 team has developed a movie that depicts the Chimperor's alcohol recovery in new light.

The film traces Bobo's early life as a young man who chooses to "enlist" in the Texas Air National Guard to defend Houston from the Viet Cong. The film reveals intimate, first person accounts of the Chimperor's war service through his own private letters complaining to Popsy (Bush 41), his vast journal of drinking and "skirt-chasing" episodes, and the dim memories of the men who had to be reminded that Bobo was in their unit. When Bobo came home disillusioned by the war, he and his fellow "Champagne Unit" comrades challenged the Texas Governor for additional combat pay. As Bobo became a locally known drunk, concerned Republicans plotted to deny his loan for a new Camaro and shipped him off to Alabama to work on a local campaign.

As an AWOL Texas Air National Guard pilot and an Alabama election activist, the Chimperor's story is at the center of a defining era in American history. More than a biography of the Preznut, Liar Liar is the story of an American generation that came of age in the tumultuous sixties and that has now come to national leadership at the beginning of a new century -- when issues of preferential treatment and sobriety once again hold a divided nation in suspense, and the future in the balance.


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