Friday, October 01, 2004

The Three Amigos


And you know, I think about -- Missy Johnson's a fantastic young lady I met in Charlotte, North Carolina, she and her son, Bryan. They came to see me. Her husband, P.J., got killed. He'd been in Afghanistan, went to Iraq. You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can, knowing full well that the decision I made caused her -- her loved one to be in harm's way.
-- Wow, that sure paints an uncomfortable mental image, First Presidential Debate, Coral Gables, Florida, Sep. 30, 2004

Of course I know Osama bin Laden attacked us. I know that.
-- Dubya gets in a response to the challenger during the Presidential Debate in Coral Gables, Fla., Sep. 30, 2004

You've got to be able to speak clearly in order to make this world a more peaceful place.
-- Dubya talks himself out of his own job in Springfield, Ohio, Sep. 27, 2004

You can't lead this country if your ally in Iraq feels like you question his credibility.
-- Wow, I had no idea that the authority of the American presidency stems directly from Iraq, Janesville, Wisconsin, Sep. 24, 2004

I think it's very important for the American President to mean what he says. That's why I understand that the enemy could misread what I say. That's why I try to be as clearly I can.
-- Dubya is as "clearly" as we can hope for, I guess. Washington, D.C., Sep. 23, 2004

A couple of days ago in New York I was having a Diet Coke with my friend, Prime Minister Koizumi. He's the Prime Minister of Japan.
-- Wow, this kinda feels like a product endorsement, Bangor, Maine, Sep. 23, 2004


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