Sunday, November 14, 2004

Jerry Equates Homosexuals with Very Bad Things

When Jerry Fallwell stands before the stained glass window and gazes out upon the non-church going public, he doesn't see personal freedom, he sees criminals, deviants and dangerous hedonists. Christ Jerry is so diligently evil that he seems to glow at night. His political instincts are so dangerous that he makes the politics of total opposition a noble trade for the next two generations of the best and brightest young minds in America. He gives no mercy and expects none in return. But he is fun, in the way that an institutionalized nutjob is fun in the bank line ... and Dubya is now the deranged pastor's personal whipping boy. Our hapless, fratboy preznut is "liked, but not very well liked" amongst the Christian right, because not even his best friends and allies believe a word he says. Dubya projects a sense of loyalty that recalls the afterhours taste of a degenerate who might go on a double-date with Jimmy Swaggart in the French Quarter and settle on a transvestite because it was convenient.

When Christ Jerry finally retreats back to the shadows from which he came, he will only be missed for the ghastly clarity that he delivered to the stagnant air known as modern American politics, and for the abject rage he inspires in so many others. He brings out the best in the opposition, and when he has gone home to Hell, let there be no delusion about his scurrilous impact on the political process. The Reverend is an evil being - evil in the way that people look back at Idi Amin - albeit without the machete and the blood addiction - and to those who believe in the physical existence of Satan can explain his stain of religious superiority. He is utterly without decency or moral compass or any pedestal of truth. Nobody in organized politics trusts him - except maybe some gun-totting bible druids in the Old South where lynchings and public whippings still seem like a good idea.

When Fallwell finally leaves this wretched Earth, it will be like Lester Maddox on his deathbed being told that his final appeal for heaven is denied and that Hell was leased out to a gang of angry negroes in a prison bitch kind of mood. It couldn't come soon enough for the gay community. During a recent interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Christ Jerry denied ever having equated homosexuality to "smoking crack and bestiality" -- a comparison he has in fact made on several occasions.

From the November 5 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:
COOPER: I know in the past you believe homosexual behavior is immoral, a sin, you've equated it with smoking crack, bestiality. But what is the threat to you? What is -- I mean, two men saying that they love each to each other, what's the threat?

FALWELL: Well, I haven't equated it to anything, but I believe that the scripture makes it clear that all sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and a woman is wrong, whether it's heterosexual promiscuity or homosexual activity.


COOPER: On homosexuality, I mean, you say you don't equate it to anything, but you do equate it to -- I mean, you have in plenty of interviews equated it to, you know, immoral behavior, smoking crack and bestiality.

FALWELL: Well, it is immoral behavior, of course. No, not bestiality, not crack -- taking crack. Those are different things, but homosexuality is sin.

But, after digging in the dirt - where Christ Jerry can be found most days rolling around in the pig slop that is known as his malevolent ministry - the delusional preacher has indeed equated homosexuality with smoking crack and bestiality. From Media Matters for America:

FALWELL: Well, look, first of all, Mr. Bush did not make this a 2004 issue. The Massachusetts Supreme Court did, the San Francisco mayor, the New Mexico officials, et cetera. This was made an issue when the Supreme Court gave constitutional protection to sodomy. So here we have now same-sex marriage. What's next, polygamy? ... Why not? And why not bestiality? [CNN, Wolf Blitzer Reports, 2/24/04]

FALWELL: I don't want anybody in my bedroom any more than you want anybody in your bedroom. But I think this privacy issue goes too far. Is this right to privacy going to legalize prostitution, or bestiality, or the use of cocaine or heroin as long as you do it in your bedroom? Privacy can be taken to a great extent. ... [I]f we're going to do that, then why don't we just legalize bestiality since it's done in the privacy of one's home, perhaps? [MSNBC, Hardball, 6/27/03]

INTERVIEWER: Then when you say, "Love the sinner but not the sin," aren't you saying that person is "less than?"

FALWELL: Absolutely not. We work with and help crack and alcohol abusers. That's not saying "You're less than." But we're saying that, right now, you're about to reduce yourself to where you cannot be useful, and where you have no joy in life...

INTERVIEWER: And most gays would say that being gay has nothing to do with living on crack.

FALWELL: It depends on the gay you're talking to. I could bring to you literally thousands of ex-gays who would tell you that they were in a destructive lifestyle until they came to Christ and got out of it. [PBS, Frontline, 2/15/00]

In [his] latest letter, the Baptist minister [Falwell] said more money must be received to keep the Moral Majority newspaper and broadcasts going. "Perhaps the most disturbing situation is that our lobbying effort in Washington, D.C., to keep Congress from legalizing sodomy, bestiality, fornication, homosexuality and other perversions is also in danger," the letter added. [Associated Press, 10/23/81]

No wonder the Rethugs were keeping him on the sidelines for this match. Not even the panic line to Lynchburg was secure enough for Karl Rove.

The demonic reverend has a history of denying his own remarks regarding homosexuality. In 1985, he publicly denied having verbally attacked a gay community church until a videotape showed him calling members of the church "brute beasts" and "part of a vile and satanic system [that] will one day be utterly annihilated," the AP reported on September 25, 1985. When Falwell was ordered to pay $5,000 to a former pastor of the church, he responded: "This situation is only one more example of harassment by a militant homosexual group."

So keep you skin clean and your thoughts tight - especially youngsters of able bodied draft years. As if there isn't enough to make progressives queasy on these long, dark nights, check out the rationale for the Iraq War through the funhouse mirror that shapes the view of the religious right. To surmise: the fundies have been watching islamic terrorists for thirty years with genuine greed in their hearts because they want their own Christian Jihad, and somebody in the heathen part of the world is gonna pay up or cash out.

We're stuck in the middle of "God's War," and Satan is directing the traffic.


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