Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Say Hello to My Little Reich

baghdad buffoon
"The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life."
-- Adolph Hitler, My New World Order,
Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin,
February 1, 1933

So let's be real clear about it right from the get-go: this pansexual cowboy of a preznut is a loud and absurd mongrel of biblical proportions. He is an ignoramus. He does exactly what he is instructed to do - speaks only the words that he can remember from the index cards - stands with a pathetic tough-guy expression because it's the way he was told to pose for the cameras. He is a stooge in the way that Clinton was a smarmy womanizer.

This is not an easy thing to say about a preznut. Watching him soil himself - and us - with that sickening, waxy grin is as pathetic as studying a moth banging itself to death on a heat lamp.

No. No freaking way. It cannot be. The preznut can't be a hopeless reject. Not at this moment in our history - when the last remnants of the American Promise are at a crossroads. This is not the time for a gutter ball thrown by a mental midget when we need a true prince in the White House.

We need the Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-O to shake down our enemies, but instead we've got Jethro Bodine with a slingshot and a broken condom. So if the preznut uses his distortion police and acts giddy about putting another one over on us - if he did it to underwrite a reason for mass murder on a scale of Pol Pot to ensure that we would no longer have to compete with the Chinese for oil reserves - he is a dipshit by its very definition, a treacherous and blatant animal with no practical brain and no guts.

To even hint that this goofy little moron is looking more and more like Ronald Reagan in the summer of 1984 would be a wholesale slander on The Gipper.

Lord Jesus! Did that actually come out of my head? Is it remotely possible that a tin-pot Nazi whore-thing of a child preznut could actually make Reagan seem like a Moderate?

* * *

The capacity of these savage retards in power for the next four years will commit a form of terminal damage that is far beyond Reagan's worst day with Alzheimer's. Reagan was a certifiable monster who deserved a Shah-like exile for looting the treasury and appointing dominionists like James Watt - who once tried to have ketchup classified as a vegetable so that it qualified as one of the four main food groups - but the prevailing quality of politics was freer and far more open than it is today in this depraved year of Our Lord 2004.

Reagan was at least smart enough to comprehend why so many honest and simple folk despised his very being. He was comfortable with being a liar and "not recalling" the facts. Coming clean was not in Ronnie's nature. When things looked bad he would call on his spiritual friends and give a throwaway, Peggy Noonan speech glistening with Christian fables like "blessed be the peacemakers in the State Department," "turn the other cheek" and "good will toward junk bonds."

The difference between Reagan and the heinous freak at the controls today is the schism between a peep show deviant with erectile dysfunction and a mescaline-crazed sexual predator: The deviant sits in the dark and thinks about sexual behavior with every living thing, and the predator does what every deviant ever thinks of committing. He takes down the innocent - he decussates them for greedy pleasure and changes their being forever.

Ask any woman between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five and she'll tell you that she's been the object of a deviant's warped affection. It's part and parcel of growing up in American society, just like paying taxes and bitching about the cost of gasoline. Being a victim of a predator's demented "rapture" is more like dying. Innocence is stripped bare. Penetrated and left in despair, the prey becomes a deviant in their own cognizance, and it's just a stone's throw from homicide.

Reagan crossed that line from time to time when he began murdering Central Americans in the name of "family values" - but Dubya took it to a new level when he tip-toed into the Oval Office in 2000 and began vaporizing dark-skinned Arabs in the name of Jesus and a bastardized generation of American gluttony.

We are now mutant Nazis in the eyes of the civilized world - a sex-crazed collection of barbarians and creeps who would rather drop a bomb and wipe it clean from out conscience before settling on the utterance of peace. To them Americans are not only midnight cowboys for power and petroleum, but killer sluts with extreme hate and fear in our souls. We have become the personification of human filth, and that is how they judge us now. Nothing redeeming. No social value, just unadulterated whores. Get the fuck out of sight, or one of us will stab you to death.

So who exactly voted for this vile band of shitheads? Who are these assault gun-packing chowderheads who call themselves "values voters" and applaud the torture of civilians because a pack of fanatics drove planes into the World Trade Center? These flag-waving defectives who get hustled and jerked around by daffy, towel-snapping frat boys like good old Dubya? They speak for everything that is amoral, bloodthirsty, idiotic and vicious in the pre-Apocalyptic version of American society. They are the closet racists and hate-savages among us - and this has been the secret formula of neo-conservative movement. Appeal to the reckless, bad boy self-image of a frightened schoolyard punk who lies rather than explains, who defiles rather than debates, who finds satisfaction in getting something for free as long as the next guy knows he's been ripped off. Politicians and CEO's and journalists steal all the time - so who cares about rules and laws that were meant to be broken, or, at least, salted away?

Just don't let us feel any pain for being this way. And just because we tell you that we have "moral values," it doesn't mean that we actually use them.

Yes, we have erected a little Reich that looks and feels like Jerry Springer nation. And if you don't like this next generation Klan rally ... fuck off. Because we've got values.


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